How the vacuum pump has disrupted the food packaging industry

September 24, 2019


Think about your current costs

As costs rise across the board for food production and packaging, and new regulations come into effect, it can be difficult to hone in on potential cost-saving measures. Taking a big picture view of your food packaging process, particularly the vacuum technology you are using, may be the solution that will impact your bottom line, improve efficiency, and create reliability and consistency. While issues like inflated prices for raw materials, livestock, and utilities are largely out of your hands, selecting the best vacuum equipment is fully under your control. Using outdated vacuum pump equipment can lead to a laundry list of expenses:

  • Vacuum pump repair cost 

  • Vacuum pump maintenance cost

  • Equipment downtime and lost production due to vacuum issues 

  • Lost profits due to vacuum inefficiencies


It doesn’t have to be this way. Upgrading to one of Leybold’s modern dry screw vacuum systems will allow you to make improvements along your entire production process while letting you reap the benefits of significant cost savings and increased production.

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With Leybold’s wet to dry upgrade you’ll be able to:

Increase production 

By utilizing more efficient vacuum equipment you can meet corporate budget goals by achieving more, with less. Switching to one of our modern dry screw vacuum systems will increase uptime and lead to a reduction in maintenance and repair needs. Imagine eliminating unplanned downtime. It’s possible when you enhance your packaging and processes with the Leybold dry screw vacuum.

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Reduce overall plant production costs

Thanks to an increase in efficiency and a reduction in power consumption and heat load concerns, you can save money on air conditioning and power requirements. You’ll also see cost benefits when you are using less oil and water, which are often major line items in your production budget. All our dry screw vacuum systems require less maintenance and fewer repairs compared to the outdated vacuum technology still being used in the food industry. Intelligent control can help you better evaluate your processes to spot potential areas for improvement.

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Improve your work environment

When your employees are comfortable, your entire production process improves. Our dry screw pumps reduce noise levels so much that they are almost silent when running. Dry screw pumps also allow you to effectively keep your production area at appropriately controlled temperature levels, due to the low levels of heat they generate. What is more, the risk of slips and falls due to oil leakage is greatly reduced, because dry screw pumps have limited oil in the gear case.

Lessen your environmental impact

By switching to a pump that consumes less power and reduces the heat load, you can reduce your impact on the environment. Eliminating or greatly reducing harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), oil mist, oil consumption, and water consumption and waste are other environmentally friendly benefits of dry pumps. These gains will also make a positive contribution to the local community environment.

Reduce maintenance and repair costs

We are confident you will eliminate unplanned downtime and that you’ll be able to avoid potential problems before they lead to a shutdown. Our smart machines are equipped with several parameters that can be monitored and used to help predict pump maintenance and required pump service before they cause a major failure.

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Improve sanitation procedures

Dry screw technology pumps can be flushed internally with the appropriate liquids for cleaning purposes. Hygienic designs allow for daily washdown. This contributes to reducing down time, maintenance and costly pump repairs. This is an especially beneficial feature in the food industry, where product safety is paramount. 

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Comparing the Leybold dry screw vacuum pump to older technology from the last 50 years.

It’s time to stop accepting the status quo. When compared to the vacuum pumps many processing plants are still using, our dry screw vacuum pumps come out on top every time, in every way.

Relying on older tech may seem like a way to keep costs down, but in fact, these systems are prone to issues that often cost more in the long run. More importantly, the end products they create may be of lesser quality and may even pose more food safety risks.

Oil sealed rotary vane pumps

Known for requiring a high level of maintenance, incurring frequent repairs, and generally being cost-inefficient, oil sealed rotary vanes have been the pump of choice. What other technology has stood still for the past 50 years without innovation? If you're still using these, check out our blog post for 5 Tips to Make Your Rotary Vane Pumps Last Longer. 

Not surprisingly, water sealed liquid rings require high levels of water usage. The associated costs can climb quickly. These pumps require more power to deliver the same performance and are subject to varying vacuum levels based on seal water supply temperature. Performance reduction can be as high as 30% in summer months.

The Leybold difference

Leybold has worked tirelessly to create twenty-first century products that promise better efficiency, more cost savings, less downtime, and consistent quality. In short, we’ve created better products, period.

Switching from a wet system to a dry screw vacuum system will improve your process in every way. The cost savings you will realize will quickly cover the cost of an upgrade.

To sum up, our dry pumps offer:

  • More efficiency

  • Lower power requirements

  • Reduced maintenance and repairs

  • The ability to plan for maintenance

  • Onsite cleaning potential 

  • The elimination or reduction of water and oil consumption and waste

  • No oil backstreaming or oil mist escaping out of pump exhaust

  • Localization - no need for housing vacuum units outside the production area

  • Increased food safety


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