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SCROLLVAC plus 系列涡旋干式真空泵提供了灵活、稳定且简易的真空解决方案。其应用非常广泛,包括常规实验室、轻工业和科研,以及某些化学应用等。

SCROLLVAC plus 系列干式真空泵以涡旋压缩的原理工作。涡旋泵包含两个互相配合的螺旋盘结构。其中一个涡旋盘以偏心方式安装在另一个上,并在相对于固定涡旋轨道路径中移动。而形成的月牙形空间,该空间从涡旋结构的外圈被逐渐压缩到中心,从而实现抽取气体。

SCROLLVAC plus 是干式涡旋真空泵,它将高抽速与低极限压力、低功耗和低噪音相结合。气镇技术允许抽取可凝蒸气,包括水、溶剂、稀酸和碱。 

SCROLLVAC plus 干式真空泵采用了“尖端”密封技术,可延长密封更换间隔。集成式的智能驱动器,可在工作范围内提供高抽气性能。SCROLLVAC plus 干式真空泵还配置了本地操作功能。 

SCROLLVAC plus 干式真空泵具有 ATEX 认证,符合 II 组 3 类设备(ATEX II 3 G c IIB T4 内部)的要求。另外还具有 CE、CSA/UL 认证。


Addressing a wide range of applications

From general labs to research. Flexibility and choice are essential when selecting the right dry vacuum pump solution for your application. With SCROLLVAC plus you can choose within four different pumping speeds to best meet your specific requirements. The design of the SCROLLVAC plus separates the bearing mechanism from the pumping mechanism. This means the scroll forms provide clean, dry, lubricant-free pumping. At the same time the bearings operate in a benign atmospheric environment which contributes to the longevity of the pump. A simple to operate gas ballast enables the pump to effectively cope with vapor loads as well as gas loads. The gas ballast adapter accessory allows the introduction of inert gasses, either at full or reduced gas ballast flow. SCROLLVAC plus can be connected to an exhaust line: where this is not available an exhaust silencer may be fitted.

Effortless and easy to operate and maintain

This oil-free scroll vacuum pump is designed to be simple to operate whether manually or via remote control. Long service intervals make the SCROLLVAC plus an almost “fit and forget” solution. When it’s time to change the Tip seal: you can do this quickly and easily.

A pump with a positive environmental impact

SCROLLVAC plus is a hermetically sealed lubricant-free dry vacuum pump. This means there is no need to dispose of used oil. The smart drive also contributes to lowering the pump’s power consumption, making it environmentally friendly.

Quiet vacuum pump

An immediate improvement for your workspace! Low noise levels of below 55 dB(A) make for a pleasant workplace or laboratory environment where you can perfectly have a normal conversation.

Low cost of ownership

Its long service interval and low power consumption from a single sided scroll arrangement make the SCROLLVAC plus a perfect investment for the longer term.



标准的 SCROLLVAC plus 型号用于大多数一般应用。 

SCROLLVAC C plus 型号用于严苛应用,例如存在腐蚀性工艺等。配置了吹扫的 SCROLLVAC C plus 型产品可以用于处理一些腐蚀性溶剂和化学品。


  • 耐化学品的防反阀和气镇阀
  • 不锈钢进气和排气接口法兰
  • 用于标准型号的升级转换套件



Dry Compressing Scroll vacuum pump
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