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COOLPAK - Helium Compressor




COOLPAK i 压缩机可用于 COOLPOWER i 系列冷头以及 COOLVAC i 系列低温泵的单双路控制。

COOLPAK i 系列采用油润滑涡旋技术,变频驱动,在性能、能耗和占地面积等方面性能良好。 

具有高效的分离和过滤系统,COOLPAK i 可为低温系统提供高纯度的高压氦。

水冷式氦压缩机内置高效 Elektronikon控制器,保障低温制冷机和低温泵的优良性能,适用于多种应用


莱宝提供 8 种型号的产品。

LV/HV 两种电压范围可供选择:3ph/200V 和 3ph/400V/50-60Hz。

CH 型号适用于配备 1 或 2 个冷头的应用。CP 型号适用于配备 1 或 2 台低温泵的应用。

COOLPAK 控制器可以直观地操作。



COOLPAK i 氦压缩机

COOLPAK i 氦气压缩机具有高节能潜力。功耗会在处理过程中发生变化,通常可节省很多能源。


  • 冷头和/或涡旋式压缩机的电机转速根据工艺的冷却功率需求自动调整
  • 具有优良性能和高效密封的涡旋压缩技术
  • 节能设计
  • 智能压差控制
  • 根据设定值运行 – 既不升高也不降低
  • 负载决定运行速度,尽可能减少能源需求

COOLPAK 5000i 系列的压缩机组可用于 COOLVAC i 系列低温泵和 COOLPOWER i 系列冷头。

COOLPAK - Helium Compressor



With programmable operation modes and a display that shows the inlet and discharge pressure, temperatures and different other parameters, you can select customized operation points. Language and units can be selected as well as timers and counters (e.g. running hours, pump starts,...) set. A weekly timer function as well as alarms and warnings are included.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

The COOLPAK i compressor units have been proven to drive cold heads and cryo pumps absolutely reliable and cost-effective. Due to the variable motor speed of the COOLPAK i compressor and the COOLPOWER i cold heads energy can be safed. An elongated maintenance period and the highly efficient filtration system do their part as well. With the filter designed to ensure the maximum of oil retention and to make sure that the oil separators aren’t overloaded the filter cartridge life-time is extended.

Oil-free and Pump Efficiency

The robust design of the COOLPAK I Compressor Units as well as the highly efficient hermetic scroll compressor contribute to the amazing performance. These scroll compressors make for a silent and low vibration operation. With variable motor speed of the compressor and the refrigerator and an internal controller “Elektronikon” Power demand the COOLPAK i compressors are highly efficient.

Compact and easy to use and flexible

The “plug & play” system design supports quickest installation and start-up without complicated programming. The COOLPAK i Compressor Units are easily serviceable as the absorber can be exchanged. One maintenance interval will have up to 22000 hours of running time. With the global voltage compatibility and their small footprint the COOLPAK i Compressors are very flexible.

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